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About your profile on HealthTime FAQs

Is there a way I can edit my profile?

HealthTime gives its experts and members the option to edit their profile. Whether you want to change your profile picture, phone number, email address, or profile bio, go to your Account > Edit Profile > Save the Changes.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email after editing the profile

HealthTime sends a confirmation email, every time you make changes in the profile. In case you don’t receive any email, go to your Account and check email address. In case there’s no disparity in the information, drop an email to our customer support and we will get back soon.

How can I deactivate my HealthTime account?

For deactivation, go to your Account > click Deactivate Account > click Submit

Can I re-join HealthTime after deactivating profile?

Of course, you can. The procedure for re-joining is same as it is for creating a new account.

Why should I link my social media accounts with HealthTime profile?

Connecting social media accounts creates a sense of trust and credibility within the community. It helps the members and experts find out more about each other, hence results in a better relationship.

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