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Getting started FAQs

What is HealthTime?

HealthTime is a platform that millions of people around the world rely upon for everything they need to stay healthy. From getting advice from health experts to connecting with them over online consultation, we are a medium to assist people in living a better life.

Also, HealthTime is a platform for healthcare providers to expand their online presence and connect with patients looking for an expert advice.

How can HealthTime help both experts and users alike?

As said, HealthTime is a bridge that connects Health Experts with Users. Anyone who is looking for health advice and consultation can connect with our experts on HealthTime and book an online consultation to make a move towards achieving health goals. Similarly, this is an opportunity for health experts to connect with patients from across the world. Don’t let geographical location be a barrier in spreading your knowledge. We are the platform that will increase your global reach and help in making a difference to the lives of millions out there.

How to become an expert on HealthTime?

To become an expert on HealthTime, follow the application process under the profile settings. Once the application is submitted, our team will review and assess it based on the background of the professional, demand of practice area in our community, as well as the completeness of profile.

Read our Terms of Service and Expert Standards to learn more about what HealthTime community expects from its experts.

How do I register as a user on HealthTime?

To register as a user, click ‘Register Yourself as a user’ > fill out the details in the form > click ‘Submit’ button.

You will receive a confirmation email upon registration.

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