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1. Schedule a Consultation

Browse or search our community of experts to find the right one for you. Select 3 dates and times that work best for your schedule and specify a reason for the call. The expert has 72 hours to respond, or the request will expire.

2. Get Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email with a conference line and access code provided. Block out your calendar and prepare some questions and topics to cover in the call. Feel free to invite up to 8 others from your team to dial in as well!

3. Connect Directly

Call the conference line provided in your confirmation email. After the call, you’ll be charged the expert’s per-minute rate, and they get paid. You can then leave a rating and review for the expert.

HealthTime Etiquette

At HealthTime, we strongly believe in setting work ethics and principles, and adhering to them. In our zest to become an online platform that connects health experts with users, we expect each and every community member to follow the guidelines and work together while giving utmost importance to mutual trust and respect. We hope members will follow the guidelines mentioned below.

Time is priceless. Make sure that you value the other person’s time by attending the consultation on time. It is also a way to show respect to the other person and start things off on a positive note. In case you are running late or won’t be able to participate, we expect you to send an email to inform about the change, and we will refund the fee.

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